About the Artist: Michal Nachmany

Michal Nachmany is a self-taught artist and educator who has lived on the Upper West Side of New York City for over three decades.

She was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1958, and memories of the diverse mixture of colors, sounds, and smells from the markets of her childhood strongly influence her art. 

Nachmany’s technique combines mixed media, including multi-layered photolithography, collage, printmaking and sculptural installation. Through her art she attempts to create stories about the objects, places, buildings and histories she encounters along life’s journey. ​She often uses memorabilia, legal contracts, letters, photo albums, architectural renderings, matchbooks, postcards and other found objects. By bringing together these different elements she hopes to spark dialogue about the objects as well as memories about the objects’ significance to the history of a community.

In the process of creating her art, she has observed that collecting objects and preserving memories from the past occurs in varied forms across many different cultures and communities. For Nachmany, the act of collecting objects represents a universal desire to preserve fragments of the past through its physical manifestations, while continuing to move forward in a rapidly changing world with new stories and new keepsakes, unfolding with each new day.